• How an AED Actually Works

    Mechanical vs. Electrical – How an AED Actually Works

    If you’ve taken a CPR or First Aid course recently you’ve probably noticed a new addition to all of our programs – the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). What exactly this little machine does, and why and when we use it may seem a little overwhelming if you’re new to it, so I thought I’d write a series of posts all about how an AED actually works to help clarify things. Let’s start off by talking about how the heart works.

  • decoding cpr

    Decoding CPR

    There are three main levels of CPR: CPR level A, CPR level C and CPR level HCP. While we receive many questions regarding CPR, the most common questions from those new to the field are: What do the A, C and HCP signify? And which level should I take? Broken down for your convenience are the answers below!

  • Children And Head Injuries – What To Do When Your Child Bashes Their Head

    As any parent knows, children have an expert tendency to sustain bumps and scrapes. Most of the time, they bounce back quite happily with nothing more than a band aid and a kiss from Mommy. However, sometimes they may sustain more concerning injuries. Bumps on the head can be particularly worrying for parents – especially as most people are aware that serious brain problems resulting from a bash on the head may not have many physical signs. Here, therefore, is a quick guide to head injuries in children. It may help to set your mind at rest in less serious cases, and to know when to seek help if needed!

  • first aid in a digital world

    First Aid in a Digital Age

    Did you know that you can add emergency contact and health information about yourself directly on your iPhone lock screen? This could prove to be valuable information to friends, coworkers, or emergency services if you find yourself having a medical emergency and possibly unresponsive.

  • child and infant cpr

    Is an Infant CPR Training Course for you?

    Are you a new mom? A new dad? New grandparent? Or are you just inordinately excited about your close friend’s expectant child? If so, Link2Life’s Infant CPR Seminar is for you! Come join us and learn about everything from child-proofing your home and traveling with infants to how to prevent choking and common emergency issues with youth.

  • Mask Fit Testing

    Link2Life now offers Qualitative Mask Fit Testing! This easy, short, fifteen minute procedure can help protect you from respiratory infections, whether you need protection in the workplace or elsewhere. Getting properly fitted is essential for the safety of people working in an area where possible contamination is possible – labs, isolation rooms, et cetera. Respiratory fit testing is also mandatory for entrance to many Health Science and Nursing programs in the lower mainland and even some staff need to be fit tested at some locations – including BCIT, Douglas College, Kwantlen, Langara, SFU, UBC and VCC.