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  • Course Times
  • Student Conduct
  • Evaluations
  • Feedback
  • Pre-requisites
  • Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Refund Policy

Course Times:

We run all of our courses as efficiently as possible because we understand that you are busy! Having said that, there are time requirements for all certification courses (16 hours for SFA, 8 hours for EFA, 7 hours for OFA 1), which we must meet in order to certify you. Please understand that although you might be comfortable with the material, there are requirements for time and content that we must meet for you to earn a nationally recognized certification. We will do our best to make this necessary time as fun as possible!

Student Conduct:

  • Show respect for your course instructor and classmates;
  • Participate in class activities, simulations and discussions;
  • Physical ability to perform skills such as patient rolls, carries and CPR compressions;
  • Must be at least 16 years old at the start of the course (OFA and WSFA courses only); and
  • Wear clean,comfortable clothing to class – personal hygiene is important because you will be working together closely during simulations.

Punctuality & 100% attendance is mandatory.


Will be done throughout the class. Students must show that they are comfortable with the course material in practical simulations and must obtain a passing grade on the written exam to earn certification. We understand that everyone learns at a different pace so if you need more practice we would be happy to have you come in to repeat the course with us another day free of charge.


We are always looking to improve, so please share your feedback with your course instructor throughout your course, leave us feedback on our feedback forms or get in contact with us directly. You can also get in touch with us via our Social Media pages to see current events related to health and first aid and course photos.


Proof of previous certification from a nationally recognized training organization in the same level or a higher level of training is mandatory for all re-certification classes. Re-cert classes are generally shorter than full courses so we are required to see proof that you have taken the full certification course, ideally within the past 5 years, in order to include you in a re-certification course. Course registration pages and confirmation emails include reminders to bring proof of previous certification to class. It is your responsibility to bring your old card to class!

What can I do if I FORGOT my old card?

Students who do not have the needed pre-reqs at the start of class are not to be allowed to complete the recertification. If you are SURE that you can provide proof of previous certification within 5 days of your course, at your instructor’s discretion you may be allowed to complete training. There is a $10 fee to pay for the additional administration work we will need to do to process your certification separate from the rest of the course paperwork. You will not be given your certification card until you pay the $10 fee and provide an acceptable prerequisite. If you do not contact us within 5 days with proof of previous certification the course records for your course may be submitted without your name and you will have to retake the entire course at your own cost.

If you are having trouble tracking down your record of previous certification please contact us to see if we can delay the course work or help you find proof of previous certification.

What can I do if I LOST my old card?

Completed last training with Link2Life:

If you have done your previous training with Link2Life, ideally please let us know BEFORE your class so we can look up your record and leave a note for your instructor. Looking up student records will not always be possible at the start of a course but if you have taken training with us before we will do our best to help you.

Completed last training elsewhere:

If you took your training in the last 3-5 years there may be a record of your certification with the organization (e.g.: Red Cross, St. Johns Ambulance, Lifesaving Society, etc.) where you were previously certified. It might be possible to access online verification of certification by contacting this organization directly. It might also be possible by contacting your course provider (e.g.: Link2Life) or course instructor. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Dispute Resolution Policy

An attempt to resolve any dispute that comes up informally through respectful discussion between parties will be made first. If further discussion between the individuals does not resolve the issue the following procedures will be followed in order to ensure a fair and unbiased resolution.

1.) Written Submission

The Office Manager of Link2Life will review any disputes or complaints. All parties involved will submit in writing all relevant information leading up to the complaint.

2.) Review & Investigation

All relevant materials will be reviewed by Link2Life’s Office Manager. Submissions will be requested from all involved parties and interviews will be conducted within one week.

3.) Written Decision

A decision, with explanation, will be provided by the Office Manager in writing to all parties involved in the dispute within one week of the end of the investigation.

4.) Appeal of Decision

If any of the parties involved in the dispute do not agree with the decision provided they must submit, in writing to Link2Life’s Owner, the reasons that they do not agree. All information collected will be reviewed again by the Owner and if necessary more information will be requested and secondary interviews will be conducted. A final decision, with the reasons, will be provided in writing to all parties involved within one week.

5.) Mediation/Arbitration to Appeal Final Decision

If no resolution is forthcoming, the involved parties will appoint an outside mediator within 72 hours. All documentation from the previous investigations will be provided to the chosen mediator. Link2Life will incur the initial cost of the mediation but does not waive any rights with respect to seeking damages and costs arising from any parties making unfounded claims.

Refund Policy:

Link2Life has a no refund policy. This is due to the amount of planning that goes into our courses and to ensure that we do not have to cancel our classes. However, if you contact us 24 hours in advance we would be happy to reschedule you to another convenient day or hold a course credit for you.

Were we not clear enough? Contact Us if you have any questions regarding our Policies + Procedures!