BLS/CPR HCP for BCIT Nursing Students


For BCIT Students, the following skills are taught: CPR, Artificial Respirations, airway management and AED.

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In this course tailored for BCIT Students, the following are taught: CPR including pulse checks, Artificial Respirations, airway management and Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Where: BCIT Burnaby: NE1 239/242, 3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC

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Note that BCIT nursing accepts both BLS (basic life support) and CPR-HCP (health care provider) certifications.  August 2019 classes will be run with a Lifesaving Society CPR-HCP instructor so the certification awarded to successful students will be a Lifesaving Society CPR-HCP certification card.  Certifications will be valid for 3 years.  

If none of the available BCIT dates work for you or if you prefer a different certification please check our regular registration page for Heart and Stroke Foundation BLS or Lifesaving Society CPR-HCP certification options.  These courses will also be accepted for your nursing program at BCIT.  Heart and Stroke Foundation BLS certifications are also valid for 1 year but this is the necessary pre-requisite for ACLS so if you plan to take ACLS this year please choose a HSF BLS course.  Lifesaving Society CPR-HCP certifications are valid for 3 years although annual re-certification is still recommended (and required for BCIT nursing).  If having a certification that is valid for more than 1 year is important to you please check our our LSS options.  Contact us directly before singing up if you have any questions or concerns about these options!

Use the coupon code: “pumpandblowBCIT10” (CPR-HCP or BLS full certification) and “pumpandblowBCIT5” (CPR-HCP/ BLS recertification) to get the same great student discount offered on this page.