CPR Health Care Provider Full Certification


The CPR level Health Care Provider program is ideal for those working in or planning to work in the health care field.

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Who should take this class?
Health care providers who are frequently expected to perform CPR; nursing students including those attending BCIT, Kwantlen, and Douglas College (CPR-HCP is the required level of certification). Anyone planning to complete the ACLS program (specifically HSFC BLS Provider) can find dates here.

What will I learn?
This class covers CPR, obstructed airway procedures, and artificial respiration for adults, children and infants. The Automated External Defibrillator and Bag Valve Mask are also used in simulations. You will practice working in a team as you would in a hospital environment, performing pulse checks, artificial respiration and using equipment used in a health care environment.

Certification options
All classes will be taught in the Red Cross or Lifesaving Society style, which are valid for 3 years. Re-certification is required every year for most healthcare professionals regardless of expiry date. If you require a Heart & Stroke Foundation certificate, all dates can be found here. For those planning to take an Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) course, a HSFC certification is required. 

Add a Mask Fit Test!
Our 20-minute mask fit test is highly recommended (and often required) for health care providers. Just add the Mask Fit Test to your cart before you check out. 

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