About Link2Life

Link2Life is dedicated to providing fun, efficient, and effective first aid training and education. Our instructors are experienced and have been teaching classes in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and all over British Columbia for over a decade. We are progressive and committed to providing the best in first aid and safety education.

For more than 10 years, we have been teaching and organizing seminars including certification and recertification classes to small and large groups. Prescheduled classes are offered on a regular basis at locations that are convenient and easy for students to get to. Private and group sessions are also available and can be customized.

Link2Life teaches classes for a variety of groups, such as health professionals (nurses, technicians, etc.), recreation facility staff, children’s groups (Girl Guides, etc.), as well as private companies. Courses can be arranged anywhere around Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Learning CPR and First Aid is important and should be as easy and fun as possible. Link2Life offers interesting, efficient and professional full and recertification courses all over Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Most of our scheduled courses are held either in Vancouver at our 2378 Alberta Street head office location or at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

Courses are also sometimes held in downtown Vancouver or at other rented or borrowed space across the Lower Mainland. Every year, thousands of Canadians die because they do not receive medical treatment fast enough. Resuscitation rates could be up to 4 times higher if early CPR and defibrillation were available (New England Journal of Medicine).

Basic CPR and First Aid training will give you the skills and confidence to act quickly and save a life in the event of an emergency. Classes will teach you important skills such as use of the AED, what do do if someone is not breathing and how to treat for shock. Early access to lifesaving first aid and CPR will drastically improve chances of survival.