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Donning + Doffing: A Mask Fit Testing Guide

Whether you have the 1870+, 1860 or another style of N95, there are some steps that are common between the models and others that are absolutely required when donning and doffing your respirator.

The respirators that we most commonly test at Link2Life are the N95 disposable respirator. This respirator is used in health care for protection against TB and SARS, as well as by carpenters and cleaners for protection against small dust particles such as sawdust. There are many different styles of respirator and filters available depending on what you are using respiratory protection to protect yourself against. If you are using an N95 disposable respirator, here are some important steps to help you properly don and doff your respirator:


When putting on your respirator, the most important steps include:

  1. Selecting the correct size and style 
  2. 2. Gently molding the metal bar around the nose – starting from the top
  3. 3. Performing a negative pressure user seal check

A negative pressure user seal check is a requirement every single time you don your respirator. If you feel any air coming into your mask during this check, adjust your mask until you cannot feel any air, or do not enter the contaminated area.    


When removing your respirator, the most important steps are these:

  1. Ensure you are away from the area that requires N95 use (contaminated area)
  2. Remove touching only the straps – do not touch the front of your respirator. 
  3. Wash your hands

We only touch the straps upon removal to limit your contact with contaminants. The cloth portion of your mask may have gathered risky particles, which you obviously  do not want transferred onto your hands on removal. After your respirator has been removed and properly disposed of, wash your hands thoroughly. 

And voila, that’s it!

Link2Life will provide you with a 3M N95 1860S, 3M N95 1860R or 3M N95 1870+ respirator for your mask fit test. If you need another style or size, please contact us in advance and be prepared to bring your own respirator for testing. Note that Link2Life only provides fit testing for 1/2 face respirators. 

Need a refresher? It may be time for you to take your annual mask fit test! Register today.

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