Basic Life Support (BLS) Full


Basic Life Support (formerly Health Care Provider) provides the CPR skills required for those working in, or planning to work in, the health care field. 

  • For ACLS, you must take a Heart & Stroke Foundation class.

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Who should take the Basic Life Support (BLS) Full Certification class?

Intended for health care providers who are frequently expected to perform CPR. Those confident in their basic life support skills through regular use in their work in the ED, CCU, ICU on code team, or paramedics and first responders.

CPR level C is generally recommended for those who are not providing CPR at the health care level (e.g.: in hospital, care home, etc). Covers CPR at the layperson level for adults, infants and children.

What will I learn?

The class covers CPR, obstructed airway procedures, and artificial respiration for adults, children and infants. The Automated External Defibrillator and Bag Valve Mask are also used in simulations. You will practice working in a team as you would in a hospital environment, performing pulse checks, artificial respiration and using equipment used in a health care environment. 

Certification options

Link2Life offers Lifesaving Society, Red Cross and Heart & Stroke Foundation certification options. All options are valid for 1 year, but the Heart & Stroke Foundation is the only option that is a prerequisite for ACLS. *Any class that indicates BL means blended learning, which means there is an online component which must be completed prior to the scheduled in-class portion. 

Please note that most schools/workplaces do not require a specific certification, but please feel free to contact Link2Life if you have any concerns regarding the different options. *It is recommended that if you have any concerns that you confirm with your school/workplace as Link2Life does not take responsibility if you attend an incorrect certification.

Add a Mask Fit Test!

Our 25-minute mask fit test is highly recommended (and often required) for health care providers. Just add the Mask Fit Test to your cart before you check out.

                               Red Cross Training Partner                                  Heart & Stroke Foundation

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