Qualitative Mask Fit Testing


Qualitative mask fit testing is required for the use of any 1/2 face tight fitting respirator.

All fit testing will occur at Link2Life: 2378 Alberta Street, Vancouver.

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This 20-minute Qualitative Respiratory Mask Fit testing ensures a tight, effective and customized fit for your face, to protect you from airborne contaminants. Mask fit testing is mandatory for many school and workplace admissions, including Health Science and Nursing programs in the Lower Mainland, and is a WorkSafe BC requirement for any worker who might need to wear respiratory protection at work.   

Programs who accept Link2Life Qualitative Mask Fit Testing include but are not limited to: BCIT, Douglas College, Kwantlen, Langara, UBC and VCC.  For health care programs usually N95 mask fit testing is required but we can test other masks as well. 

All fittings will take place at Link2Life: 2378 Alberta Street, Vancouver.

*If none of the posted times work for you, please contact us to suggest a time!

Masks we test:

  • Half face silicon masks with filters
  • N95 surgical mask

If you need N95 mask fit testing we will provide you with a respirator (3M N95 1860, 3M N95 1860 S, 3M N95 1870+) or if you need another style or type of mask tested please indicate this upon registration and plan to bring your own respirator.  

Link2Life mask fit testing is conducted in compliance with occupational health and safety codes, and in accordance with CSA standards, and includes:

  • Respirator selection
  • Respirator limitations
  • Sensitivity test and fit test
  • Donning/doffing and user seal checks
  • Storage and maintenance instructions
  • Cartridge dating, change frequency and limitations.

Upon successful completion, you receive a certificate of completion valid for one year.

Annual retesting is mandatory for most organizations, to ensure the seal remains effective.

Before coming in for a mask fit test, please ensure you:

  • Do not eat or drink (except for water) at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This includes chewing gum
  • Do not smoke within 15 minutes of your appointment
  • Remove any facial hair that comes between the seal of the mask and your skin, as per CSA Standard Z94. 4-11. Please shave before your test!
  • Contact us with any criteria or restrictions your school may have regarding mask selection.

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Monday February 6th 1:40 pm, Monday February 6th 2:20 pm, Monday February 6th 3 pm, Tuesday February 14th 11 am, Tuesday February 14th 11:40 am, Monday February 20th 12:45 pm, Wednesday February 22nd 1:20 pm, Wednesday February 22nd 2 pm, Wednesday February 22nd 2:40 pm, Sunday February 26th 11:45 am, Wednesday March 8th 1 pm, Thursday March 9th 6:45 pm, Wednesday March 29th 11 am, Thursday April 6th 1 pm, Thursday April 6th 1:40 pm, Wednesday April 12th 12 pm, Wednesday April 12th 12:40 pm, Wednesday April 26th 11 am, Thursday April 27th 2 pm, Wednesday May 10th 11 am, Wednesday May 10th 11:40 am, Thursday May 11th 2 pm, Thursday May 11th 2:40 pm, Wednesday May 17th 11 am