Youth Workshops


Our youth workshops are perfect for school groups, scouts/guides, and after-school programs. 

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In addition to the workshops listed below, we also offer the Red Cross Babysitting and Stay Safe! courses.

Playground First Aid
Suggested audience: Grade 5 & 6

In this workshop students will learn basic first aid for the playground and at home. Topics include:

  • Calling for help
  • Preventing injuries
  • Recognizing when someone needs help
  • PPE
  • Treatment of minor injuries such as nosebleeds, minor cuts, and bruises

With a focus on the importance of finding a teacher, parent, or trusted adult, this workshop can easily integrate into any playground leadership program or buddy system you have currently at your school. It would also be great for girl guides, scouts, and other clubs.

Length: 1 – 2 hours


Youth Leadership
Suggested audience: Grade 9, 10

This workshop focuses on making smart decisions to keep yourself and others safe. Participants will learn different leadership styles, and will utilize decision making models to solve mini case studies. The case studies will be catered to the age group of participants. Participants will also learn how to find resources in their community, and will identify appropriate resources for the characters in their mini cases. Finally, participants will learn how to recognize signs of stress and distress in themselves and others. 

Length: 2 hours


*NEW* CardiacCrash
Suggested Audience: Grade 7+

This Heart & Stroke Foundation program is a dynamic, interactive, hands-on program which leads up to 40 participants through a true-to-life cardiac arrest simulation. The gamified approach promotes engagement and team building. Participants will learn how to manage a real-life cardiac arrest, through compression only CPR practice. Teams will compete to earn points, with a winning group being announced at the end of the session. 

Length: 1 hour



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