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Is an Infant CPR Training Course for you?

Are you a new mom? A new dad? New grandparent? Or are you just inordinately excited about your close friend’s expectant child? If so, Link2Life’s Infant CPR Seminar is for you! Come join us and learn about everything from child-proofing your home and traveling with infants to how to prevent choking and common emergency issues with youth.

Link2Life’s Infant CPR Seminar come in two parts:

  • Part I: Infant CPR and First Aid for Expecting Parents, New Parents & Caregivers
  • Part II: Child CPR & basic First Aid

Part I is approximately a 2 hour non-certification session which is focused on the prevention of injuries and the management of infant first aid. We will cover such topics as choking prevention and performing infant CPR.  If time allows we can also talk about child proofing, traveling with infants, interaction with pets, prevention of SIDS and how to do the “heimlich maneuver” on a pregnant woman. This is a friendly non-certification class where we hope to prepare you for emergencies you will hopefully never have to deal with. Please feel free to bring your baby!

Part II builds on the information learned in Part I but can also be taken independently if you are interested in learning and practicing skills for children 1 and up. The course will be 2.5 hours, during which time we will cover prevention of injuries for toddlers and young children including playground, summer and sun safety tips. We will also cover:

  • Management of an unconscious child or adult;
  • Child and adult CPR and obstructed airway techniques;
  • How to use the Automated External Defibrillator (AED);
  • Burns, cuts, scrapes and insect bites –  how to prevent and recognize infection.

If you want an even more comprehensive course take a look at our one day Emergency First Aid Childcare certification class which includes CPR-C and AED training.

All our EPS classes are taught by one of our experienced instructors.

Everyone around a new baby should know the basic skills involved when handling babies whether they are a grandparent or close friend. Please see our Infant CPR/Parents Seminars page to register or contact us directly at 604 428 1870.

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