first aid in a digital world

First Aid in a Digital Age

Did you know that you can add emergency contact and health information about yourself directly on your iPhone lock screen? This could prove to be valuable information to friends, coworkers, or emergency services if you find yourself having a medical emergency and possibly unresponsive.

You can set this up if you have iOS 8 or higher system installed on your iPhone. Open up the pre-installed health app and select the Medical ID icon at the bottom. You can add information such as allergies, medications, blood type, and if you are an organ donor.

Since the information is available on the lock-screen, there is no need for people to know your password, and they will not be able to access the other information stored on your phone.

Here are a few other handy first aid apps that could help you in first aid situations or simply to broaden your knowledge!

Canadian Red Cross First Aid App (Free)

The Red Cross first aid app has a ton of useful information within it. It includes instructions for first aid situations, integrated 911 calling, videos, scenarios, and quizzes. Full details and the app itself can be found here.

Medical Encyclopedia App (Free)

For health care providers who wish to have a more in-depth look at injuries and diseases, this medical encyclopedia has more than 50,000 pages worth of medical information. Available on iTunes.

Nursing Drug Handbook App (Free)

A comprehensive list of prescribed and over the counter medications. This app even includes pictures of what each pill looks like. Great for health care providers, as well as anybody who wants to gain a better understanding of the common medications people take. Available on iTunes.

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